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Facial Recognition

Vigilant’s Facial Recognition Solution

Vigilant’s FaceSearch was organically developed  to deliver a functional, scalable, and affordable solution that sets the bar for facial recognition. FaceSearch offers over 350 facial vector algorithms engineered in-house for increased speed, accuracy and flexibility in deployment.


Why use Facial Recognition? 

      • Compare your images to a growing gallery of over 15 million
      • Pre-processing tools give your agency the ability to use more images, even if they are poor quality
      • Cloud hosted solution to eliminate extra hardware costs
      • Versatile use from a cellphone to a desktop computer, officers can snap images and upload them in the field, while analysts can use the desktop to search against a gallery to identify matches
      • Analyze over 350 facial vectors
      • Data sharing allows your agency to connect with others across the country to build a larger network





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