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Body Worn Camera

Body Warn Camera Technology

The future of body worn technology is already at your fingertips 

With 12 hours of battery life, Veretos’ body warn camera is designed to protect you throughout your shift. Livestream feature allows for improved situational awareness and better command and control during critical situations. The video will stream live as long as the body warn camera is connected to an active internet connection. The camera features a dial allowing officers to classify incidents into one of four categories: Accident, Robbery, Arrest, and Traffic Stop.These preset classifications are configurable for any department.

Evidence group policies can also be created for different units:








Express Check-in and Out

Officers can share cameras wwith quick swipe of their ID with the integrated RFID card to securely assign devices

In-Field Tagging

As described above, officers can easily classifyevidence right from the field


Live Streaming

Built-in WiFi allows your officers to stream video live to the cloud and can be seen in real-time to increase officer safety






WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth

These built-in features respond to customizable triggers to provide GPS assest geotaging and location, as well as secure and automatic wireless off-loading when needed

Mounting Solutions

The BWC offers versitile mounting solutions that can vary per department

MIL-STD & IP67 Rated

The Getac Body Worn will handle the most extreme environments police officers endure everyday