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Next Generation Cyber-Security Package

Brite’s Next Generation Cyber-Security Package

Essential defense against today’s cyber-security warfare

Criminals do not just live on the streets anymore. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, unfortunately so does cyber-crime. Cyber-crime is meant to generate revenue, steal information, disrupt operations, or just cause a nuisance to the target organization. Brite has constructed a comprehensive security package by leveraging our cyber security expertise to protect against today’s cyber-security warfare.

Typical Public Safety Environment


Are you protected against cyber warfare?

Enterprise BackUp


Disasters happen, attacks are inevitable. To date, reliable back up solutions have been expensive and difficult to maintain for Public Safety Agencies. For when that disaster or attack occurs be ready to get your department immediately up and running with enterprise grade backup and data protection.

Next Generation End Point

With greater than 80% of all malware categorized as unknown, signature based anti-virus is ineffective. Next generation end point solutions are easy to deploy, manage and essential to protect your department.

Zero Day Prevention


In today’s cyber-security environment, a firewall alone just will not cut it. Brite’s next generation solutions deploy best in breed technologies while limiting operational overhead.

Secure Communication


For a mobile workforce, a secure and reliable line of communication is critical. Brite secures the communication to ensure maximum up-time, critical performance and necessary protection.

Multi-Factor Authentication


CJIS requirement is to obtain multi forms of authentication for Public Safety Agencies in order to maintain access to mission critical data. Brite’s multi-factor solution are easy to use, provide flexibility and ensures only authorized access to data.



Enterprise BackUp

BriteVault dramatically simplifies the disaster recovery and backup process. The easy to use web management interface provides easy access and control to a wide range of features BriteVault offers. One feature that sets this backup solution apart is the way in which files are stored. The advanced technology eliminates the traditional incremental back up process, to give you a full image. The latest backup will always be the full (base) image to eliminate the conversion process and allow for instant restore. There are options for where you store your backups including a single BriteVault locally, a secondary BriteVault in an alternate location, or push your backups to the cloud for ultimate disaster recovery and business continuity. For the “oh shoot” moments, you can rest assured BriteVault has your back. For even more comfort, a daily snapshot confirmation of the latest back up is sent to the admin.


Cylance Protect

Next Generation End Point

Cylance Protect is the future of antivirus end-point protection by redefining the way your data is protected. The mathematical and artificial intellgence approach used by Cylance stops the execution of harmful code without any prior knowledge or signature of the malware. No other anti-malware product compares in accuracy, ease of management and effectiveness of PROTECT. Cylance Protect prevents 99% of potential threats. before they cause harm to your network. The solution is made up of a small agent that integrates with your existing software management systems and utilizes cloud technology. This elevates the need to take machines out of operation to perform the required software updates that cause your computer to under perform. For Public Safety, you cannot afford the downtime traditional antivirus solutions cause when there is an update that needs to be completed.


Check Point Next Generation Security

ZeroDay Prevention

Prevent. Contain. Remediate. Fight the cyber war with Check Point’s SandBlast Zero-Day Protection by extracting threats before they reach your network.

Prevent: SandBlast extract malicious content before delivering the file to the end user and utilizes emulation technology to ensure the original files are safe. Extraction ensure immediate delivery of a file without bad content. Emulation technology runs the file as a human would, but in a safe VM off your network.

Contain: In the event that malware reaches your environment, Check Point’s Anti-bot technology limits the spread of malware by cutting off communications with other internal systems and prevents communication command and control (attackers computers).

Remediate: Provides an advanced incident forensics detailing exactly how they got in, what they did, and what was affected. Detailed graphs and information make the forensics reports easy to use, understand and share with other non-technical resources. Lastly, Check Point provides remediation steps and scripts to eradicate malware.

Don’t think you are at risk? Test you system for yourself.


In addition to SandBlast Check Point’s comprehensive security suite also offers: Next generation Fire wall, Intrusion Prevention, Web Security, and Data Loss Prevention. To top that off, you are able to see the health of your entire environment with their easy to use management interface.


Secure Communications

A  large majority of Public Safety workers are mobile, requiring a persistent, secure connection to critical resources. Cellular communications drop. We cannot require a sign in every time you experience that drop.

NetMotion’s VPN solution provides a secure path for data transmission while optimizing performance in challenging environments.

Administrators benefit from the abilities to:

  • Control access to applications and devices
  • Build policy for a single user to the entire fleet
  • Further customize policies for each application use such as the time of day, network type, or even application bandwidth requirements.



Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is crucial for Police Agencies to maintain continued access to mission critical data. The FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) division set requirements for multi-factor authentication for any agency needing access to data, as well as audits agencies to ensure they are compliant. Many agencies are not compliant for several reasons:

  • Funding is limited
  • Multiple sign-on per user
  • Difficulty deployment and management  of each sign-on
  • Limited resources for data/reporting of compliance

2FA is your answer to multi-factor requirements. With features such as single sign on, easy deployment, password management and compliance reporting 2FA is the future for multi-factor authentication. Another feature of 2FA is you are not limited to a single solution; for example, you can have bio-metrics on a laptop, utilize your smartphone, passcodes, OTP Tokens, proximity cards, etc.