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Antenna Plus

Best-in-Class Antenna Technology

The perfect all-in-one solution for your mobile router

Brite’s Communication Technology package offers top of the line connectivity by pairing our router solutions with best-in-class antenna technology.

A New Look for MIMO

Antenna Plus antennas now have a sleek new design with two (2) Cellular/LTE connections (and those that also include Wi-Fi and GPS). This new design allows for greater flexibility in covering multiple frequency combinations, and is even smaller than the original one!

The AP-Double Cell/LTE Antenna is designed with a low profile housing that contains 2 high gain Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) Cellular/LTE antennas and a GPS antenna.

Key Benefitsantenna-mimo

  • Faster Data Speeds – gain superior Cellular/LTE data throughput speeds with the Multiple-In/Multiple-Out dual antennas
  • GLONASS and US GPS Together – combining these two technologies, the satellite GPS sysmtems will now have 55 total satallites, providing more coverage.
  • Bigger Wireless Footprint – the device can be further away from the cell site and still maintain connectivity
  • Simple Installation – one housing allows you to only have to drill one hole for the install, saving time, money and damage to the vehicle
  • Long Product Life – the durability of the antenna protects against the harsh mobile environment




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