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License Plate Recognition

Innovative License Plate Recognition

Vigilant’s investigative platform provides actionable intelligence for agencies of all sizes to develop leads and solve crimes.

Vigilant Solutions innovation and thought leadership has resulted in the next generation License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution. Vigilant Solutions’ products are designed to easily collect, organize, store and share data to law enforcement, to provide intelligence that is readily available. The advanced analytics allow agencies to transform massive amounts of Law Enforcement data and exclusive commercial data into actionable intelligence.


Why Mobile?

– Patrol multiple areas of your county, city or town with limited vehicles

– More cost effective way to maximize resources

Why Fixed?

– Create Virtual Fence around town or city

– Maximize resources without designating man hours

Why is Data Important?

More data that is being fed into the database, means more leads and more possible closed cases.

What type of data is my agency going to receive?

  • Agency Data: Your agency owns LPR Data it produces
  • Shared Data: Agencies have the advantage of sharing data across the country to create a network of information
  • Commercial Data: Nationwide commercial applications gather data that is added to the Law Enforcement database. This exclusive data accounts for millions of detections monthly.
  • LPR Data Storage: Secure servers house LPR data and the data can only be accessed by credentialed Law Enforcement.

What do you do with this data?

Vigilant’s analytic tools allow you to leverage data to perform queries, virtually stakeout suspects, and more.

Locate Analysis

Generate this probable report of when and where a vehicle will be based on historical vehicle information


Suspects are identified based on pattern crimes across multiple locations

Associate Analysis

Query for possible associates of known criminals based on proximity


Search Queries

Full or partial plate searched based on Year, Make, Model or Address

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