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Fujitsu Solution Mounting



Exclusive Mounting Solutions

Change the way you think about rugged mounting

The Brite mounting solution is designed and manufactured exclusively for Brite Computers. The Swing-Away is a steel coated, rugged mount that is pressure fit to the dimensions of the Fujitsu convertible T-Series laptop and Q-Series tablet. The universal Swing-Away mount is adaptive for all vehicles and addresses issues at an affordable cost to meet your fleet needs.

Swing- Away built for Public Safety, by Public Safety

  • Universal two piece mount allows the monitor to move independently from the removable keyboard for ease of data input
  • Mount is centered in the vehicle out of the airbag zones for increased officer safety
  • The ergonomic design allows for full access of dash controls and sits lower in the vehicle for full visibility of windshield and rear-view mirrors
  • The mount is steel and pressure fit to the dimensions for added protection to the MDT itself
  • The levers on the mount allow for range of tilt motion to adjust the angle of the screen to increase officer safety and comfort
  • Q-Series Tablet Mount is an active docking solution with 3 USB ports, ether-net port, VGA, HDMI and power for easy connectivity with other technology