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The Best Protection Against Cyber Crime: 2FA ONE

Today’s hackers are smarter, faster and are more determined than ever to access your data. User names and passwords are just not strong enough to keep criminals at bay. As cyber crime and online threats continue to become more sophisticated, the only way to protect your company’s data is to provide additional layers of authentication to ensure you know who is accessing your network at all times. 2FA ONE provides this added protection in an easy to deploy, easy to use authentication platform. 2FA ONE is a fully CJIS Advanced Authentication compliant solution and can work in conjunction with Netmotion Wireless and Citrix Server.


Key Features

  • Easy deployment
  • Single Sing-on to Windows, Applications and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Password management synchronization with Active Directory
  • PIN, Machine, Password, Challenge and Response policy management
  • Audit, logging, and reporting