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Interview Room DVR


Consistent, Reliable and Low Cost
The Brite Interview Room DVR System provides the ability and control your department needs to capture real-time, interview room video and audio for use in investigations, or as evidence in court.

The Brite Interview Room DVR System was designed to function with a high degree of consistency and reliability combined with ease of use at a low cost of ownership. It has been designed with law enforcement in mind; understanding that each agency has specific needs and requirements. In addition, the Brite Interview Room can monitor and record up to four (4) separate Interview Rooms.

Key Features

  • One button recording
  • Separate Multi-Function Replay Screen
  • Easy recording to DVD in an executable format that can be played on any DVR or DVD player
  • Video and audio are recorded on separate channels to ensure the true quality and integrity of the sources
  • The Brite Interview Room DVR System can be set to start recording manually, on startup, on motion detection, or on a trigger (such as the light switch being activated)
  • On-screen audio indicator lets the user know that audio is being recorded